People and Events

This section will include information about prominent Upminster people and events including


5 Responses to People and Events

  1. S major says:

    I found a milk bottle from pages farm today how old is it

    • hurdler46 says:

      Not something I’m expert about but if it’s Padfield’s Diary it’s probably early 20th century: is it like the one in this article?:

    • Amanda Piercy says:

      Looking for a Miss Anne Ungoid from 1974,she was a teacher at the Bell infant/junior school. I was one of her pupils, she and another, Miss Metcalf took me under their wing and looked after me.
      My name is Amanda Hadley.

      • hurdler46 says:

        Hi Amanda. Our children were at the Bell until about 1993 & my wife worked in the junior school from 1993 to 2014. Anne Ungoed was then a Y5 (third year) teacher and retired in the 1990s. We think she lived in Hornchurch. Suggest you post a request on the Upminster and Hornchurch History Facebook group.

      • Amanda Piercy says:

        Wow!!!!, thank you sooo much, I can’t believe I got a reply, fantastic!!!!. I would dearly love to see Miss Ungoid and Metcalf but I doubt that’s possible. Thank you very much for replying and telling me.
        Yours sincerely Amanda 😁

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